Santo's Party House

Bad Rabbits

with Party Supplies & Worlds Fair

Feb 3, 2012
Doors @ 7 PM
$13 ADV / $15 DOS
Bad Rabbits are the American Dream. The collective first generation sons of Indian, Argentinean, Ghanaian and Israeli lineage with a single son of liberty are your tired, hungry and poor invading this nation with a unique hybrid sound that has garnered attention from hip hop heads, hipsters and hardcore loyalists alike. Fuck immigration reform – if the pitiful pilgrims running this country had any taste in music at all, Bad Rabbits would be the gang breaking down borders and barriers from coast to coast and album to album. 

Party Supplies is the stage name of Justin Nealis, a Queens-born producer and literal one man band whose handmade MPC symphonies and heartfelt stage presence blend hip-hop energy with anthemic indie hooks. His homegrown remixes for Arcade Fire and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros turn festival favorites into cut and paste epics, and are just a taste of the original material he has in store. “Party Supplies gives me Madchester vibes, and makes me think of all the 80s and 90s alternative stuff I really love,” says Nick Catchdubs. “He can turn a breakbeat into a love song like nobody else. Plus he’s really a rap guy? And our actual neighbor? I knew we had to sign him immediately.” Party Supplies will be hitting the studio to record his first album this summer.

“Nobody’s original, we are what we eat, and in music, we are what we hear. What we do is look through history and listen to music. Everybody copies from everybody. The skill is in how large a fragment you choose to copy and how elegantly you can put them together.” 
-- David Cope 

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