Santo's Party House

Order Of Ennead (members of Deicide), Mobile Deathcamp (with Beefcake of GWAR), Skull Crusher

Sep 2, 2010
Doors @ 6 PM
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Order of Ennead, consisting of Steve Asheim (Deicide) on drums, Kevin Quirion (Deicide) handling vocals and guitars, Scott Patrick (Resurrection) on bass, and John Li on lead guitar, hail from the legendary metal scene of Tampa, Florida. They play a unique style of extreme metal, seamlessly blending together elements of death and black metal with an emphasis on songwriting and structure. The well-trained ear can also pick up the distant influence of the days of thrash. Not forgotten is the ever elusive guitar solo that at times is melodic and other times shredding. They are touring to support their May 2010 release An Examination Of Being on Earache Records.


While touring with Gwar as Beefcake The Mighty, Todd Evans decided it was high time to switch back to his original instrument, guitar, find the right comrades (Boe Skadeland on bass and Scott "Cracker" MacEachern on drums), and begin melting faces with the style of music they love. A vicious metal trio, these three metal warhorses have been rippin' it up like this since the FIRST time this style was popular! May 2010 saw the release of their debut CD Black Swamp Rising released by Sacrifice Records.


A handful of bands throughout the last few decades of “hard” music have been able to capture that elusive gray area of creative overlap where hardcore, metal, and rock morph into one crushing wall of sound where everything to the listener is somewhat familiar and yet still completely fresh. Skull Crusher is an attempt by obsessed fans of hard music to blend their favorite elements of the above. The line up is Ed McKirdy on vocals, Dan Cav and Hugo Fitzgerald on guitar, James Tsaptsinos on bass, and Brian Dougherty on drums. Their debut EP Blinded by Illusion was released in May 2010 on Livewire Records in the USA and by Reflecton Records in the Netherlands.


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